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Hello World

Posted: July 1, 2010 in Uncategorized
A friend once said that she had plenty to say until it came to writing in her blog.  I find myself in the same place.  Is a blog something I should have, or need, since what I have to share is of no consequence to anyone.  My level of sanity has been under scrutiny for the past four years and I have to wonder how much actual benefit I have derived from this and whether this is what I want to blog about.  Would anyone be the least interested?  I don’t want to go into the deep wacky stuff that sent me over the edge and caused me to reflect, over and over, who I am.  Until now I was not convinced that another human being could have such a hold over another person that would bring them such uncertainty and doubt about themselves and render them incapable of making decisions.  I am now convinced that it is quite possible, even with strong individuals, for the spirit to be broken to pieces in what might be view as quite normal circumstances.  It is possible for one individual to be so convinced of their ‘rightness’ or ‘righteousness’ that they will completely diminish and dismiss the other person.